Frequently Asked Questions about Carpet Cleaning

What cleaning methods do you use?

The method used to clean your carpet varies according to the carpet’s individual needs. Your carpet may be the kind that I can clean with low-moisture, or the kind that responds better to my heavy duty tools.

How long have you been cleaning carpets?

We’ve been cleaning carpets since 2004. Prior to this I was selling carpets in Europe during which time I acquired essential knowledge in the carpet industry.

Is this a franchise or do you own your own business?

I am the owner and operator of Spider Carpet Cleaning Services.

Do you guarantee your work?

If you are not happy with my work, I will re-clean the area at no additional cost. And if you still aren not pleased, you pay nothing. Not one cent more. Nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction. I stand behind every job 100%.

What information do you require from me before I get a quote?

Institute Cleaning and RestorationThe following information will help me get you an accurate quote:
    (a) Number of rooms and size
    (b) Hallways
    (c) Stairs
    (d) Living room

    (e) Dining room

Do you clean oriental rugs?

You receive complete service for your precious area rugs. Your oriental rugs will get thorough cleaning and air drying. Free pickup and delivery within 7 days.

How long does it take for a carpet to dry?

Carpets will dry the same day as cleaning. Keep pets, children and regular traffic off the carpet for a minimum period of four hours. Adults may use the carpet lightly immediately after cleaning by wearing house slippers…Some carpets may still feel slightly damp for up to 10 hours depending on the carpet fiber type and soiling condition. This is normal and will not cause any problems.

Are your cleaning solutions safe for my kids and family (Environmentally friendly)?

Yes. We use different type of solutions depending on the client. If you have children or prefer to use an ECO friendly line just tell us and we will change our chemicals to our green line products. A minimum additional fee will apply for ECO friendly products.

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